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Your One-Stop Solution for All Paper Handling and Mailing Needs

Elevate your office's efficiency with our comprehensive range of paper and mailing equipment. Designed for any paper processing or mail handling task, our solutions ensure enhanced productivity, security, and ease of use.

Quality Machines

Our mailing solutions, from high-speed mail machines to precise folder inserters, ensure efficiency and reliability in your mailing operations. Experience the best in class technology for all your mailing needs.

Best Service

Our commitment to service excellence ensures that your mailing systems are always functioning optimally. From maintenance to support, trust Summit for unparalleled service.


Security is paramount in mailing. Our solutions incorporate advanced security features, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your mail and data.

Leasing Options

Explore our flexible leasing options for mailing equipment. Get access to the latest technology in mail processing without the high upfront costs, tailored to your business's financial needs.

Office Multi-Function Printer

Diverse Range of Paper and Mailing Equipment for Every Business Need

Our selection of paper and mailing equipment is designed to cater to a wide array of business requirements. From high-security shredders ensuring confidential document destruction to precise tabbers, creasers, and perforators for professional mailing preparation, each piece of equipment is engineered for peak performance. Suitable for various business environments, our products are synonymous with reliability and innovation, simplifying and enhancing your document and mail handling processes.

Paper and Mailing Equipment

Our equipment range is designed not just for functionality but also for integration with your existing systems, ensuring a seamless workflow. They come with features that enhance operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use. Whether it's for managing large-scale mailings or handling sensitive documents, our equipment stands out in terms of quality and durability.

Recognizing the importance of dependable equipment, we provide comprehensive support and maintenance services. Our expert team is dedicated to ensuring that your investment in our paper and mailing equipment is secure, offering guidance and assistance whenever needed. Partner with us to advance your business's mailing and paper handling capabilities.

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Mail and Postage Solutions

Intelligent Document Output Management

Automate manual processes related to the creation, distribution, and output of invoices, statements, notices, and letters. Our solution centralizes outbound document preparation and distribution, giving you complete control over your customer communication process. Establish business processing rules through an intuitive, browser-based interface to accelerate and streamline workflows from anywhere, leading to greater efficiency and an overall reduction in manual errors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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At Summit Technology Affiliates, our commitment stretches across a robust portfolio of companies, each dedicated to excellence. Known for merging precision in print, efficiency in mailing, and the dynamic realm of digital communications.

How can a mailroom assessment benefit my business?

A comprehensive mailroom assessment by Summit identifies inefficiencies and areas for improvement, providing tailored solutions that streamline your operations, reduce costs, and enhance productivity, ensuring your mailroom aligns with and supports your business goals.

What kind of savings can I expect from optimizing my mailroom?

Optimizing your mailroom with our solutions can lead to significant savings in postage costs, reduced labor hours, and minimized errors. The precise and efficient handling of mail ensures cost-effective operations and a quick return on investment.

What types of mailroom solutions do you offer?

We offer a range of solutions including advanced postage meters, sorting and folding machines, and intelligent software for mail tracking and management, all designed to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your mailroom operations.

What ongoing support do you provide for mailroom solutions?

Our commitment to your mailroom efficiency extends beyond equipment installation. We provide continuous support, including regular maintenance, software updates, and training, ensuring your operations stay at the forefront of mailroom technology and efficiency.